With a history that goes back to 1907, Eguchi Iwao are one of Japan’s largest supplier of paints, coatings, and specialty materials with a turnover of $500 million. Following their successful expansion in Asia and Africa for the past 18 years, they progressed their development into Europe, opening a new office – Eguchi Iwao Europe (EIE) – in September 2019, which is based in UK.


The pace of the group’s development in Europe has accelerated considerably when EIE established Eguchi Iwao UK (EIUK) and purchased the Supply 360 division from International Applications Ltd. (IAL) – one of the strongest coatings and consumable distributors in the UK. With IAL being a supplier on the UK market for 13 years, EIUK gained access to important national customers like Hitachi, Jaguar Land Rover and Toyota.


With the acquisition of the Supply 360 division from IAL, EIUK also acquired two national distributors: Paintstore in Warwickshire and BS Supplies in Staffordshire and therefore are now supported by an extensive local technical service and logistics operations.


Eguchi Iwao’s activity as a distributor in Asia and Africa as well as in Europe is closely knit together to Kansai Paint Japan, which is one of the world’s top coatings manufacturers. For decades, Eguchi Iwao have been providing trustworthy services in delivering some of the most sophisticated paint products and solutions developed by Kansai Paint.


Owing to the group’s long-lasting relationship with Kansai Paint, EIUK took over the exclusive distribution agreement with Helios Group – a coatings manufacturer with 17 sites across Europe. In 2017 Helios Group became a consolidated subsidiary of Kansai Paint and now, thanks to the new partnership with Helios, EIUK will continue serving important and strategic national market segments like the automotive, industrial, rail, wood, yacht and architectural market segments by supplying smart coatings following the Japanese standards of quality and efficiency.


Our objective is to fulfil the customers’ needs to have everything delivered ready for their coating process. What is unique about Eguchi Iwao is that it offers complete line-side solutions, best practices for process optimization, which include the use of smart coatings, advanced equipment and technical know-how.




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